Super Crossover is a mini-series made by disney channels new shows. It has characters from jordan and friends, transformers, avengers and super mario


Main CastEdit

  • Jordan frederick
  • zahira hernandez
  • daniel castro
  • miko castro
  • chritsoper smith
  • jared carlin
  • trinity brigham
  • devon brown
  • lidnesy quinlisk
  • troy justic
  • optimus prime
  • crosshairs
  • bumblebee
  • drift
  • hound
  • galvatron
  • lockdown
  • stringer
  • iron man
  • captian america
  • the hulk
  • thor
  • falcon
  • hawkeye
  • war machine
  • mario
  • luigi
  • peach
  • yoshi
  • wario
  • sky guy


  • humans and transformers (jordan and friends)
  • rescue robot                    (transformers)
  • saving our heroes            avengers
  • mario needs school help (super mario)
  • assemble(jordan and friends,transformers,avengers,super mario


  • in rescue robot when the kids get captured bumblebee has been rumored for being the robot who rescues them
  • in humans and transformers the only autobots shown are optimus bumblebee and hound. drift and crosshairs don't appier until the episode saving our heroes
    • hounds character is the voice of nick fury from avengers the movie
    • assemble is an hour show
  • These shows will appeir on november 19 2015
  • transformers was originally not going to be included but the fans wanted it to be shown.
  • there is a site on disney channel for this.
  • jordan and jared  starred on transformers as the autobot transmission system
  • mirage, sideswipe and payload were supposed to appeir but they were cut