Off With The Fairies is the 14th episode in the Gravity Falls, airing just after episode 13 Boss Mabel.


Stan has lost his pants again and is looking for them, soon he finds them and is about to pick them up when they fly up into the air and fly out of the window. Stan runs down stairs to tell Dipper and Mabel but Mabel is to busy having a "Random Dance Party For No Reason" and Dipper is to busy reading about monsters in his book. Stan however eventualy manages to get their attention and tells them about his pants. Dipper finds thinks he's read about this some where and starts flicking through the book, eventualy he comes acros Faries, "Fairies, the little women of the gravity falls forest. Faries are dangerous creatures and should be aproched with caution, they have a tendecy to steal things from nearby people." After Dipper finishes talking, a Fairy has taken away Soos's hat, Wendy's hair brush and other iteams from the mystery shack. Dipper and Mabel go off to get the iteams back, when the come across a young girl called Chrisy who owns book five, Mabel trys to make friends with her but it blows up in her face Chrisy starts to flirt with Dipper but is unsucseful this makes her angery and she shouts at them both then gets her book out starts to read about somthing (keeping it a secret altough it is probably a spell of some kind) soon a large explosion happens causing a cave to open up and they all fall down into it. (More Comming Soon)