Moved In! is a original Disney Channel series by It's A Laugh Production and it first aired on 22 july 2010. The show stars Isabella Valentino, Henrik Bergström, Anton Vettergren, Robin Lindholm, Tove Karlsson, Natalie Näppi and Max Wahlberg.


This series has many songs, both by the main-and-recurring cast but also guest stars and others, that sometimes recorded songs specially for the show/soundtrack or it is just a re-upload. The first soundtrack is simple just called Moved In! and was released with the start of the season 1. A ep-soundtrack called Moved In! To A Winter Party! was released 12 december 2011 and on the 15 december 2011, both the normal soundtrack and the ep was released as a deluxe edition containing all songs from the albums and all specials plus the new single, Baby Moved In! due the crossover with Good Luck Charlie.

The second soundtrack was released 7 march 2012 and contained all season 2 songs(excluding the three first episodes songs, and the five last episodes songs).


Moved In! has made many television movies or specials.

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