Charlie Shakes on Deck is a crossover between Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up and The Suite Life on Deck. In this crossover the Duncan family takes a trip on S.S Tipton, while the Shake It Up, Chicago will perform on S.S Tipton.


Charlie on DeckEdit



Don't like waiting, don't like waiting
Let's go right now (Woooo)
Gotta' hit the ground
Dancing 'fore the music slows down (Woooo)

What I'm sayin', what I'm sayin' (Oh ay oh)
If there's something to fix
Take it to another level (Oh ay ohh)
This is the remix-ix-ix-ix-X-X-X-Wooooo

====Today's all burnt toast Running late, Dad jokes Has anybody seen my left shoe? Close my eyes (Oh ay oh) Take a bite (Oh ay oh) Grab a ride (Oh ay oh) Laugh out loud There it is, up on the roof

I've been there, I've survived (Shake) So just take my advice (Shake)

Hang in there, baby==== Liv-liv-liv-it Up

Everybody, everybody

Get out on the floor
It can get a little crazy
When the kick hits the floor

Make a scene, make a scene
Nobody can ignore
Don't knock it, till you "rock it"
We can't take it no more

Bring the lights up
Bust the doors down
Dust yourself off
Shake it up! Shake it up!
DJ set it off
Take it up a notch
All together now
Shake it up! Shake it up!